About LearnBox

LearnBox has been founded with a rebellious spirit to revolutionise training and to engage, entertain and educate learners.  Our platform is slick, intuitive and responsive, available on any device at any time in web and app form and uniquely showcases content made by experienced TV professionals, truly setting us apart.

We are market leaders in delivery of high quality video training including full functional skills Maths and English courses and a host of apprenticeships mapped to frameworks and standards. Our vision is to create national standardised ‘learning’ that is more streamlined and more cost effective across a broad spectrum of training solutions in all sectors. LEARNING BOXED!


LearnBox is for anyone who doesn’t want to learn in a conventional classroom setting, and for those who want to empower learners and make learning fit around business needs.

We Engage, Entertain and Educate learners. LearnBox is an interactive learning platform that hosts home-grown TV-quality, full video courses. LearnBox teaches, manages and supports the learner.

Our short bite-sized quality videos and interactive quizzes are both appealing and empowering for the learner. Our content is of a much higher quality that others in the sector. In addition, LearnBox is also the only platform on the market offering delivery of full apprenticeships start to finish.