The Government currently seems to be a little confused as to whether ‘3 million apprenticeships by 2020’ is a target, an ambition, an aim, a slightly iffy election pledge, a nice to have… or something else. If we can perhaps bring a little clarity... the importance of Apprenticeships, and their value to people, of all ages, cannot be underestimated.

Influenced by the Apprenticeship Levy, the increasing cost of further education and a general (and welcome) shift in attitude towards vocational training, more and more people are choosing Apprenticeships.

This is excellent news. But it means that the sector has to evolve its Apprenticeship offer to make sure it meets the needs of this new influx of learners, who increasingly view themselves as consumers, and have different expectations.

We’re taking this challenge seriously and have met it head on. We’ve created bespoke, adult focused learning films that enable learners to complete an entire Apprenticeship.

Our Apprenticeships are contemporary, interactive and put the learner in control.

The detailed bit

  • Our solution is tailored and comprehensive, meeting the needs of employers and training providers delivering Apprenticeships.
  • Our learning films reduce the need for printed resources, hired classrooms and travelling tutors.
  • We deliver a product that delivers a return on investment – put simply, it reduces costs and delivers an exceptional achievement rate.
  • Our intuitive learning platform ensures detailed, real-time access to delivery and assessment information.

What's in the Box? Explore below for a quick preview of the modules on offer.