Business Improvement Techniques (Improving Operational Performance Framework)

The purpose of the Business Improvement Techniques (BIT) training programme is to enable BIT trained employees to make a contribution to the overall efficiency of their manufacturing or engineering business. Part of the programme is about how to continuously improve the processes and procedures involved in carrying out work. Some learners will progress on completion of this pathway to work in various aspects of the business to identify and eliminate waste, create flow and improve quality, leading to greater efficiency and increased profitability.

This programme is centred on the proven tools and techniques of lean process and quality improvement activities. It is designed to support continuous improvement by promoting effective team working and developing lean skills across the wider workforce.

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This course is primarily aimed at Business Improvement Co-ordinators, Lean Manufacturing Facilitators, Production Team Leaders,  Six Sigma Quality and Reliability Co-ordinators and those looking to progress and make improvements in the workplace.

This Level 2 course sets out the skills, knowledge and understanding employees will require in order to support businesses to identify and then deliver continuous and sustainable quality, cost, delivery improvements for existing or new products, processes and/or services.

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