The Platform

Anytime - Anywhere - Any Device


Our LearnBox platform has been designed to meet the needs of learners, tutors and assessors. It’s comprehensive, simple to use and is available on any device at any time.

Learners experience a straightforward, intuitive interface which supports seamless connectivity to tutors, assessors, and other learners. It facilitates fast feedback, group work and high-quality learning content, which can be re-viewed (and re-viewed) anytime, anywhere!

Tutors have analytics and reporting tools at their fingertips (literally) and can track the performance of individual learners, or groups, quickly and easily. The platform can also gather and collate evidence for assessment in a wide variety of formats.

The platform ensures that assessors can be quickly assigned courses for review and enables them to assess performance against uploaded evidence, quiz results and frameworks.

Take a quick look at our User Journey video to find out more…


Our high-quality learning films are perfect for people who want to take control of their learning and work at their own pace, at a time that’s right for them… outside the confines of the classroom.

We support learning in schools, and help people learn new skills that support their career progression, including Apprenticeships.


We engage, entertain and educate learners through learning films made accessible through our intuitive learning platform. Our films are learner focused, data driven, occasionally humorous(!) and empowering.

Our intuitive learning platform puts the learner in control, while enabling tutors to provide them with the right support and effectively manage their progression.


The learner is put in the driving seat, enjoying a completely different experience from the one they’re used to in a typical classroom environment.

The learning experience is appealing, interactive and enjoyable and can create a long-lasting change, making previously disengaged people enthusiastic about learning new skills.

We enable learners to complete their entire learning, training, and even Apprenticeships through our intuitive learning platform.