A traineeship is a training and education programme offering an element of real world/work experience.  These traineeships are designed to prepare 16 – 24 year olds for their future careers and here at LearnBox we’ve created a unique programme to inspire young adults in an engaging and entertaining way, from start to finish.

They’ll begin The Traineeship Boxed Set programme by taking a ‘Warm Up’ to identify their current skill levels and how they perceive themselves and wrap up their journey with a ‘Warm Down’ where we can again see where they’re at.  Qualifications, experience and life skills development are all clearly tracked, stored and measured.

The Traineeship Boxed Set includes full courses in Functional Skills Maths and English, ERR, British Values and Prevent, plus cherry-picked content from our Customer Service, Business Improvement and Performing Operations courses.

This package offers learners a mixture of content that will help develop a broad range of skills in preparation for their work placement and beyond. Employers and Training Providers can also hand pick courses, modules and individual videos from our vast catalogue to personalise the programme further and ensure learners receive content that will be best suited.

Learners are also encouraged to improve their communication and digital skills throughout.  They’re required to record a video diary at key points within the programme so they can reflect on the progress they’ve made and these videos are uploaded onto the LearnBox platform as part of the evidence gathered.

Our innovative platform supports all delivery as required within a traineeship from beginning to end; Teaching the learner, managing the learner and supporting the learner.


LearnBox is for anyone who doesn’t want to learn in a conventional classroom setting, and for those who want to empower learners and make learning fit around business needs.

We Engage, Entertain and Educate learners. LearnBox is an interactive learning platform that hosts home-grown TV-quality, full video courses. LearnBox teaches, manages and supports the learner.

Our short bite-sized quality videos and interactive quizzes are both appealing and empowering for the learner. Our content is of a much higher quality that others in the sector. In addition, LearnBox is also the only platform on the market offering delivery of full apprenticeships start to finish.