Put simply, a Traineeship is an education and training programme that includes work experience.  It’s designed to prepare young people for their future careers – sometimes described as getting ‘job ready’.

Traineeships are for young people aged 16-24.

We recognise that within that age-range there can be a huge difference in a young person’s maturity, confidence, experience, and in their understanding of the sort of career that matches their skills and personality.

Creating engaging learning films that inspire and entertain is, of course, key. We've done that. But, as importantly, through our Traineeship Boxed Set’s ‘Warm Up’ we enable young adult learners to understand more about themselves.

  • What are their current skills levels?
  • How do they perceive themselves?
  • What are their ambitions?
  • How do they turn an interest, or a skill, into a career?

There’s a huge range of content that learners can access, enabling us to build a bespoke experience that gives the learner what they need, when they need it. And... our films treat our learners as young adults, not children, providing context they can understand and engage with, while using humour to make learning fun.

The detailed bit

  • The Traineeship Boxed Set enables employers and training providers to hand pick courses, modules and individual films to create a Traineeship that reflects their need.
  • Learners can access tools that improve their digital skills throughout their Traineeship, including recording video dairies that can be uploaded to our learning platform, as part of ‘evidence gathering.

Our high-quality learning films are perfect for people who want to take control of their learning and work at their own pace, at a time that’s right for them… outside the confines of the classroom.

We support learning in schools, and help people learn new skills that support their career progression, including Apprenticeships.


We engage, entertain and educate learners through learning films made accessible through our intuitive learning platform. Our films are learner focused, data driven, occasionally humorous(!) and empowering.

Our intuitive learning platform puts the learner in control, while enabling tutors to provide them with the right support and effectively manage their progression.


The learner is put in the driving seat, enjoying a completely different experience from the one they’re used to in a typical classroom environment.

The learning experience is appealing, interactive and enjoyable and can create a long-lasting change, making previously disengaged people enthusiastic about learning new skills.

We enable learners to complete their entire learning, training, and even Apprenticeships through our intuitive learning platform.