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Receiving reminders to evaluate work is invaluable, as areas could quite easily be missed. The system is current, reliable and valid, allowing for a timely response and the opportunity for learners to receive feedback where improvements need to be made. Brilliant.
— Dean Pinker, Senior Trainer Assessor, Aktrion

The LearnBox way


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Fun and entertaining videos which engage the viewer.


Flexibility and control of access to training.


Short quizzes to ensure learners understand topics.


Our real-time platform enables instant feedback to optimise learning.


 Tutors using the LearnBox platform have confirmed the completion of online assessments has supported and improved their work-life balance with less travel time and less time away from home.




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I enjoyed the videos so much that I have nearly finished the course! They are very funny, it is like watching TV. I feel like it has improved my English already.

— Sergiu Borza, Adient, (Speke)