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A Traineeship is an education and training programme that includes work experience for young people aged 16-24.  It’s designed to prepare young people for their future careers – sometimes described as getting ‘job ready’.

We recognise that within that age-range there can be a huge difference in a young person’s maturity, confidence, experience, and in their understanding of the sort of career that matches their skills and personality.

Creating engaging learning films that inspire and entertain is, of course, key. We've done that. But, as importantly, through our Traineeship Boxed Set’s ‘Warm Up’ we enable young adult learners to understand more about themselves.



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LearnBox is open-minded and flexible. I would highly recommend LearnBox to any provider in need of innovative, fresh, engaging resources delivered with a can-do attitude and a flexible approach.
— Nici Ceasor, Vocational Education Business Partner, Kaplan

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I enjoyed the videos so much that I have nearly finished the course! They are very funny, it is like watching TV. I feel like it has improved my English already.
— Sergiu Borza, Adient, (Speke)