LearnBox is committed to revolutionising training through the creation and delivery of high-quality learning films that deliver outstanding results.

Effective education is very powerful... when it's combined with the right technology it becomes unstoppable.



  • Learn in a way that works for you
  • Get out of the classroom
  • Learn at your own speed, repeat a lesson if you need to
  • Support when you want it… no one is watching over your shoulder
  • It works. Over 90% pass rates


  • A new option for disengaged students
  • It works. Over 90% pass rates
  • Comprehensive monitoring of student’s progress and results
  • Focused, effective teacher support
  • Return on Investment – low cost, improved results
  • It works. Over 90% pass rate
  • Staff can maximise their down time… immediate access to learning
  • Works for all staff… regardless of role or shift pattern
  • Bespoke, personalised learning that’s right for your organisation and staff
  • Return on Investment – low cost, excellent results


  • It works. Over 90% pass rates
  • Increases your options and capacity to deliver learning
  • Enables tutors to reduce travel time, while enhancing their opportunity for engaging with learners
  • Comprehensive monitoring of learner progress and their results
  • Return on Investment – low cost, reduced travel, excellent results

Our high-quality learning films are perfect for people who want to take control of their learning and work at their own pace, at a time that’s right for them… outside the confines of the classroom.

We support learning in schools, and help people learn new skills that support their career progression, including Apprenticeships.


We engage, entertain and educate learners through learning films made accessible through our intuitive learning platform. Our films are learner focused, data driven, occasionally humorous(!) and empowering.

Our intuitive learning platform puts the learner in control, while enabling tutors to provide them with the right support and effectively manage their progression.


The learner is put in the driving seat, enjoying a completely different experience from the one they’re used to in a typical classroom environment.

The learning experience is appealing, interactive and enjoyable and can create a long-lasting change, making previously disengaged people enthusiastic about learning new skills.

We enable learners to complete their entire learning, training, and even Apprenticeships through our intuitive learning platform.

LP Accreditation (Web)

We have been awarded the status of Accredited Learning Provider for our high quality and efficiency in the provision of learning and development services to our clients. Accreditation with the Learning and Performance Institute represents an assurance from us to raise standards of workplace learning to our clients.

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